Fortune Cookie 1, Don't Loose the Car Keys
2013, Aqua Oil, Acrylic, Pigment Stick on Canvas, 36 x36"
As an abstract painter, I embrace spontaneity in my work. For me, the process of painting is a journey. I never embark on a new piece with a concrete notion of its completed form. While I navigate the formal elements of painting, building depth and structure, I invite the unknown, following my instinct and responding decisively.

Working with water-based oil paints, acrylics, oil pigment sticks, and graphite, I begin by applying a thin wash of color, staining the canvas and encouraging drips. I then apply thicker paint in bold gestural strokes. Finally, the composition is punctuated with sharper linear marks achieved with pigment sticks and graphite. Recently, I've been experimenting with using various unconventional materials, such as string, stencils, and a variety of scraping items to create unexpected texture and pattern in the paint application.